DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】Leifang Episode LV80 楽しみましょ♪(Let's enjoy♪)

Leifang Episode LV80 (Let’s enjoy♪)
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『DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation』CERO-D

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  1. Nice work unlocking Leifang's final episode. Now her episodes are fully translated and accounted for. Aside from newcomer characters such as Nagisa and whoever's coming up soon, feel free to add the episodes for Helena, Momiji, Kasumi, Ayane, Honoka, and Nyotengu (also Hitomi as well). Oh, and feel free to get Leifang's birthday since that will be coming up in a few weeks (same goes for Honoka's birthday as well, which will in fact be occurring a week from now.). Come to think of it, think you can post Leifang's live change episode since you have her event SSR?

  2. 今日やっとスカーレット購入しました。時間が無くてあまりやれないかもしれないけど、とりあえずは全キャラ1周はしたいと思います。

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