Filipino Celebrity Breakups Which Broke The Hearts Of Pinoy Fans

Filipino Celebrity Breakups Which Broke The Hearts Of Pinoy Fans
Breakups that shocked the Filipino fans and Pinoy celebrity breakups that broke our hearts – There were a bunch of high-profile celebrity break-ups and it’s always kind of sad to see people who (used to) love each other get torn apart.

Top 10 world presents Pinoy celebrity breakups that broke our hearts. These are some of the celebrity breakups in the Philippines broke also the hearts of many Filipinos who were fans of their relationship.

Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil
Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz
Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista
John Lloyd Cruz and Angelica Panganiban
KC Concepcion and Aly Borromeo

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  1. They broke up bcoz there is a much better person/partner for them esp if they seek the Will of God they would find their peace and happiness in their partner in life..much better if it's a God-centered relationship it is more successful and fruitful.

  2. Walang patawad naman to si kc pati ba naman bengot di pinatawad syotain,di sa pamimintas.parang lahat na lang papatulan,mana sa tatay nyang si gabby lahat ng babae noon after sharon lahat na lang syinota!!! Si kc nakamana ng ugali,buti di naging lalaki to si kc.😂😂😂

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